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Information Technology

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Staffing and Workforce Management

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Medical and Clinical

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The Power of Six Unique Entities

First coming on the scene in 1969, Dolphin Group Companies (DGC) has over 50 years of experience in the Twin Cities job market – giving us an in-depth knowledge of the industries we serve, and a direct pulse on the local market.

DGC has perfected our ability to quickly adapt to an ever-changing industry and anticipate new market trends by using experienced consultants that specialize in six specific areas of the job market. These areas include: Humera, office administration & professional services; Binesta, information technology; Inginaire, engineering; Clinicor, medical; Jurisin, legal; and Indrotec, industrial workforce management. Our unique makeup allows any size company to leverage our Power of Six Entities in any configuration needed to deliver exceptional candidates to virtually any location, any division, and any department. Similarly, our specialization also serves to draw a higher grade pool of candidates to choose from.

To learn more about each of the entities and work with a specialized consultant, please visit their individual websites by clicking the logos above.

Company Philosophy

MISSION STATEMENT. Our mission statement is simple and viable; to create solutions and alternatives in Human Resources management.

DAF. DAF is our mantra at Dolphin Group Companies to ensure we are providing the best solutions and alternatives in HR Management. “DAF” means: Detail (D), taking the initiative to ensure candidates and clients are getting the most out of our services, Accuracy (A), holding ourselves accountable to give highest level of attention to the work we’re doing, and Follow-through (F), following each lead along the path from initiating relationships to retention by being a reliable resource and partner. We make sure no stone goes unturned in our drive to place candidates and clients with their best possible match; finding the WIN-WIN-WIN.

COMPANY VALUES. Our culture and performance encompass our core company values. We not only talk the talk; we walk the walk. We seek to connect with clients and candidates that share the same values:

  1. Exceptional Service
  2. Honesty, Ethics & Respectfulness
  3. Innovative Ideas & Encouraging Change
  4. Expressing Appreciation & Gratitude
  5. Community Support
1Humera, Jurisin, Inginaire and Binesta are DBAs of TCG, Inc. Indrotec is a DBA of IG, Inc. These 5 entites are WBENC certified.