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The Power of 6 Unique Entities

A majority of HR Services provider companies in the U.S. continue to market their services using a generalized or 'one-size-fits-all' service model. A model which in our view is headed for inevitable obsolescence.

Generalization v. Specialization –– The Future Is Now!

With a firm belief that specialization, not generalization, is the future of the contract staffing industry, Dolphin Group Companies and its suite of six specialized entities: Humera, Jurisin, Inginaire, Binesta, Indrotec, and Clinicor2, provide a distinct and effective alternative to the aforementioned 'one-size-fits-all' service model. Five of the six are WBENC certified.

Committed to the virtues of specialization, each of the six entities under the Dolphin Group Companies' umbrella are designed to function in service to a specific area of expertise. These areas include: office administration, information technology, engineering, medical, legal and industrial workforce management.

This strategy of domain specialization allows each entity to focus every ounce of effort, knowledge and resources, including: staff, technology, and financial wherewithal, directly toward meeting client needs faster, with greater accuracy and at less cost compared to a generalized staffing provider.

In other words, if you're a company staffed with engineers, you want a staffing partner that "eats, sleeps and breathes" engineering, exclusively. A provider that knows the engineering field inside-and-out and can deliver the fully qualified professionals with the specific skill-sets required when, where and for any term needed.

Similarly, specialization also serves to draw a higher grade contract employee as well. If you're an engineering professional seeking temporary or contract employment, you're more likely to bring your skills and experience to a staffing service that specializes in engineering exclusively; rather than a service that markets in a variety of non-associated job classifications.

The Power of Six –– Ala Carte or Combined

Because all six entities are similar in operational structure and share a uniform technology infrastructure, their independence does not exist in a vacuum. Any single entity or combination of entities can be selected and strategically applied to meet the very specific needs of an individual customer.

The option to select the entities 'ala carte' and in combination, provides a powerful synergy effect that is truly exceptional. One that delivers a very special brand of quality and performance that conventional HR Service providers simply cannot match. The 'Power of Six', in any configuration is a force every business can and should experience.

To learn more about each of the entities, please visit their individual websites by clicking the logos.

1Humera, Jurisin, Inginaire and Binesta are DBAs of TCG, Inc. Indrotec is a DBA of IG, Inc. These 5 entites are WBENC certified. 2Clinicor is a DBA of E-Medical, Inc. Clinicor is woman owned, but not WBENC certified.