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Dolphin Group Companies' values drive our mission, resulting in an inclusive, inspired and empowered company culture.

- Kathy Dolphin

Six Specialized Areas of Focus

I believe that women are tremendously strong. There will always be adversity and unfairness, but we can't let that stop us.

- Dorothy Dolphin

Facts about Dolphin Group Companies

Six Specialized Areas of Focus

Dolphin Group Companies has perfected our ability to quickly adapt to an ever-changing industry and anticipate new market trends by using experienced consultants that specialize in six specific areas of the job market.

Our unique makeup allows any size company to leverage the power of our six entities in any configuration needed to deliver exceptional candidates to virtually any location, any division, and any department.

50+ Years of Staffing Expertise

In the 50+ years we’ve been in business we have seen, and adapted to, every kind of labor market imaginable. We can help companies weather any storm the economy may bring by finding efficient and dedicated staff to keep your business on course and running smoothly.

Work with Certified Consultants

Our strategy of specialization allows us to hire certified consultants with expertise knowledge in their respective areas. This gives our consultants the opportunity to focus entirely on using their skills to meet client needs faster, with greater accuracy, and more innovative ideas than a generalized staffing provider.

Higher Skill Set of Candidates

Our strategy of specialization serves to draw a higher grade contract employee as well. Experienced job seekers searching for employment in our specialized fields are far more likely to work with our knowledgeable staff rather than a company that markets in a variety of non-associated job classifications.

Work with Numerous Industries in the Twin Cities

From engineering and IT, to manufacturing and light industrial businesses, to office and administrative professionals, we have partners in a number of industries. Let us know what your HR needs are and we are here to excel.

Strive to Find Those Perfect-fit Candidates

We find the needle in the haystack for you and we have a track record to prove it. Our direct hire accuracy rate is 95% and 30% of our contingent workers are hired on permanently by companies.

Detail, Accuracy, and Follow-through is our mantra.

- Kathy Dolphin

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All the brains, money, and personality can never replace persistence and hard work.

- Dorothy Dolphin

Where We Started

Our story begins with the founding of Dolphin Temporary & Permanent Personnel in 1969. Dorothy Dolphin, a widowed mother of three young children, established the company after having spent nearly eight years as an employee of a large, national temporary staffing company. Her rise from receptionist to branch manager of the company's largest producing office gave her the confidence and experience to begin her career as a business owner and successful entrepreneur before anyone knew what the word meant.

Dorothy Dolphin Dorothy Dolphin

Using $1,500 from her personal savings account, Dorothy opened Dolphin Temporary & Permanent Personnel and, within a mere four years, Dorothy had transformed Dolphin Temporary & Permanent Personnel into Dolphin Temporary Help Services, Inc., the largest independent temporary staffing service in Minnesota.

Since the late 1990s, Dorothy's daughter, Kathy Dolphin, has served as CEO and has been responsible for the company's growth and development.

Kathy Dolphin Kathy Dolphin

With Kathy at the helm, Dolphin Temporary Help Services, Inc. has transformed into Dolphin Group Companies and continues to be one of the top HR service groups by providing a unique understanding of the hiring challenges specific to the Twin Cities market and the sought-after ability to remain flexible in a fluctuating industry.

With the market shift in labor in the early 2000’s, Kathy saw the need for a more targeted approach to finding qualified candidates and to include screening by skill set. The company continues to embody this concept and it’s helped them to evolve into their current structure.

Dolphin Group Companies (DGC) now houses six separate and distinct work force rosters recruited and maintained by a staff with specific areas of expertise. These separate entities do business as (DBA) Humera, Binesta, Inginaire and Jurisin under the T.C.G., Inc. umbrella; Indrotec under the IG, Inc. umbrella; and Clinicor under the e-medical group, Inc. umbrella.

Company History Timeline

Our values drive our mission, resulting in an inclusive, inspired and empowered company culture.

- Kathy Dolphin

Giving Back Is Who We Are

Dolphin Group Companies takes pride in our ongoing efforts to give back to our community and we are always looking to create a partnership with local organizations. Contact Caitlin Eggman at to work with us today.

A few of the organizations we have supported

American Red Cross

Animal Humane Society

People Serving People

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Persistent, positive thought, and action.

- Dorothy Dolphin

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